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    Welcome To Heath & Hardie Geosciences Ltd

Welcome to Heath & Hardie

Welcome to Heath & Hardie Geosciences, an independent consultancy based in Scotland, specialising in the examination and analysis of mineral bearing materials, including cored rock, construction materials, dimension stone and aggregate.

Heath & Hardie offer a wide range of services, a selection of which are defined in the following pages. However, whether or not these pertain to your particular interest, if you a have a material problem or enquiry please contact us directly either by phone, fax or by e-mail, and we will endeavour to assist. The scope of the expertise available is too great to include in detail on our web site alone, and therefore if you do not find what you are seeking, please ask. If we cannot assist we may be able to direct you to someone who can.

Although H&H personnel have a foundation in geology, their expertise extends well beyond the boundaries normally associated with this discipline. Geologists with the appropriate expertise can assist with many building and construction projects by providing information on the sourcing, selection and suitability of materials. This can relate to the selection of dimension stone, the sourcing of replacement stone in restoration work, aggregates for concrete, armour stone selection or an assessment of ground conditions for a construction project.

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